Artificial Solutions and Basis Technologies Partnership


Artificial Solutions™, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today that it has signed a strategic partnership with Basis Technologies ( that seeks to enable utility companies across the globe to transform their customer service operations.

The partnership brings together Artificial Solutions heritage and expertise in natural language interaction with Basis Technologies’ extensive experience in the utilities industry both in the US and Europe. Together, the companies will explore how Basis Technologies’ unique SAP-focused customer service tools could combine with Artificial Solutions Natural language Interaction technology to transform the customer experience offered by utility companies. The initial phase of the partnership will seek to understand how a conversational, artificial intelligent interface might improve customer access to bills, meter readings, outage information and other CRM data.

Customer interactions have changed rapidly in the last twelve months and people expect to be able to resolve simple queries such as meter reading or the price of a standing charge quickly and easily while on the move, at any time of the day. The devices they use to interact with businesses are getting smaller; some such as smart home hubs no longer even have a screen. This places conversation and natural language as the key interface for the future of customer service.

What’s more, a wide variety of back-end SAP systems and processes can relate to a single account, creating a challenging environment in which to provide timely, accurate service interactions that customers find truly satisfying.

“Intelligent interaction that enables customer self-service over a multitude of channels is high on the priority list for utility companies,” says Trevor Ticehurst, Business Unit Director: Utilities at Basis Technologies. “But the complexity of bringing together data from a myriad of sources, into a single, intuitive, conversational customer-facing interface is a huge challenge. Together with Artificial Solutions we have the potential to offer utility companies across the globe a simple solution that takes advantage of the very latest artificially intelligent applications and delivers the ultimate customer experience.”

A variety of major utility companies that run SAP already depend on Basis Technologies’ BDEx suite of solutions to streamline their customer service and billing operations, improving business performance by translating transactional data into actionable analytics. The partnership between Artificial Solutions and Basis Technologies has the capacity to further enhance understanding of customer interactions by providing deep analysis of real-time customer conversations. This would enable utilities to gain unprecedented insight into the minds of their customers and allow for customer service to be constantly improved through the use of machine learning.

“Being able to exploit data will be key to the future success of any enterprise, but as we move towards a free format, unstructured model with natural language it’s getting harder for companies to fully understand the information they are analyzing,” says Andy Peart, CMO of Artificial Solutions. “Together with Basis Technologies we aim to help utility companies not only offer their customers a greater choice in how they interact with a company, but provide them with the inside information they need to compete in a constantly changing market.”

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