Widiba Expands Use of Teneo Platform


Artificial Solutions™, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, today announced that Italian online bank, Widiba, has expanded and upgraded its use of the Teneo platform to enable new intelligent features in its digital employee and benefit from faster development timescales.

Since the bank’s inaugural launch in 2014, “Widdy” has been the cornerstone in assisting customers by enabling them to ask questions on a wide range of banking issues using their own words. This highly intelligent digital employee proactively helps customers by enabling them to complete banking operations faster, with less hassle and fewer clicks.

Widiba uses Teneo to deliver the founding values of its customer service: listening, understanding, care and quality of customer service. Now, Artificial Solutions’ technology is enabling Widiba to offer predictive help to customers emailing its contact centre via the website, by using natural language understanding to automatically answer the question even before they hit the send button.

Migrating to the latest version of the Teneo platform will also allow for additional back-office functionality, including the latest Teneo Language Resources that enable enterprises to develop natural language projects faster than any other comparable product on the market.
Whilst many other natural language development tools require the multiple different combinations of a question to be coded in, with Artificial Solutions’ Teneo Language Resources, the developer simply needs to add two representative sample questions. Teneo’s deep intelligence will then reason out the other alternative ways the query might be asked.

This feature alone can help reduce typical development timescales from months to weeks and enable organizations such as Widiba, which manages its own development of its digital employee, to do so without the need for highly skilled technical staff.

“We’re delighted that Widiba is committed to continue the development of one of its greatest assets with Teneo,” says Andy Peart, CMO at Artificial Solutions. “These latest developments show how easy it is for companies to expand their natural language applications as the business demands and why a platform is the obvious choice when developing conversational, artificially intelligent applications.”

Teneo Platform

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