Artificial Solutions Announces Faster Conversational AI Development Times with Teneo Languages

Artificial Solutions® (SSME:ASAI), the leading specialist in enterprise-strength conversational AI, announced today several new updates to Teneo Languages that allows organizations to create high-quality conversations in less time, and with less effort, than ever before.

Teneo Languages is the powerhouse of the Teneo® platform’s linguistic capabilities and allows non-technical specialists to effortlessly create intelligent, humanlike conversations. It contains the Teneo NLU Ontology and Semantic Network, which map the very structure of language itself and removes one of the most costly and time-consuming parts of building conversational AI applications — teaching a machine to understand human language.

New updates to Teneo Languages include enhancements to the Teneo Linguistic Modeling Language, a proprietary syntax language that enables developers to skip several steps in a typical build process. The unique and powerful modeling language also applies language conditions such as understanding when the word book is used as a noun or verb in a sentence to further ensure a humanlike conversational experience in the final product.

Additional conversational modules, which deliver pre-built solutions with back-end integration for common dialogues such as live chat handover or booking a meeting room, have also been released. These support the wide range of existing pre-built conversational knowledge that enables the chatbot to continue the conversation even when the user has gone silent; maintain a personality that aligns with the enterprise’s brand values; and keep the momentum going even when the user goes off topic.

Furthermore, several new languages have been added. Now enterprises can develop their conversational AI applications in one language and easily transpose it to over 40 other languages, including Malaysian, Cantonese and Indonesian.

This is made possible thanks to the Teneo NLU Ontology and the way Teneo structures the development to have a master version in one language, with the ability to localize in any other, typically reusing 80% of the original build.

“Teneo Languages offers the most advanced language resource available for conversational AI applications today,” says Andy Peart, CMSO of Artificial Solutions. “Every component and function of the platform can be used in any of our supported languages. This makes Teneo ideally suited for enterprises looking to deliver high-quality conversational applications across global operations, while maximizing RoI with faster development times and the reuse of existing assets.”

Teneo Languages is a part of Teneo, Artificial Solutions’ award-winning conversational AI development platform that allows business users and developers to collaborate on creating sophisticated, highly intelligent applications that run across any channel or services in over 40 languages

The ability to analyze and make use of the enormous quantities of conversational data is fully integrated within Teneo, delivering unprecedented levels of insight that reveal what customers are truly thinking.

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