Artificial Solutions announces new capabilities in Teneo

Focus on enhanced collaborations deliver the next generation of Conversational AI for enterprises on Microsoft Azure. 

Artificial Solutions is pleased to announce further additions to Teneo, the most versatile Conversational AI platform for automation, driving revenue growth and cutting operating costs. Teneo is a pay-as-you- go, open and modular platform that is deeply integrated and optimized for the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, representing a single platform to develop, test, approve and publish Conversational AI solutions.  

Teneo includes a range of new features that allows enterprise-level organizations to develop next-generation conversational customer experiences with no-code, low-code, and pro-code capabilities, all in one platform. 

Teneo’s new UX provides: 

  • The freedom to put the customer experience at the foreground of the builder’s journey, to transcend the development process with a focus on the conversation. 
  • An enhanced Web and Studio UI that allows conversation designers to build solutions with remarkable efficiency. A platform so intuitive that it becomes a natural extension of the creative process.  
  • An improved flow editor that keeps the developer “in the zone” creatively and productively. A design canvas that keeps the developer focused on conversations and customers, not systems and technology.  
  • An optimized design canvas that will guide, recommend, and provide quality control throughout the development journey, ensuring conversations are built correctly the first time, every time.  
  • A clutter-free workbench. Gradually exposing exactly what builders need, and only when they need it. Teneo will supercharge your team’s creative skills. Descriptive and explainable tooling makes Teneo both easier to learn and easier to master.  

Design and development teams will be provided with a diverse range of tools that will help them to achieve their full potential and create industry-leading Conversational AI solutions, as demonstrated by Swisscom and Škoda Auto. 

Andreas Wieweg, Artificial Solutions´ Chief Technology Officer, said: 

“Our new additions will provide even greater capabilities to new and existing customers. We know how frustrating it can be to work with platforms that don´t scale, which is why we have created a platform that provides ultimate freedom and unlimited growth opportunities for conversational design teams.” 

Teneo currently provides $7m in monthly savings for Artificial Solutions´ customers, while also supporting an 80% growth in conversational volumes seen across 65+ international implementations. The platform also allows users to build CAI solutions in 85+ languages, with additional dialects being planned over the course of 2022. Teneo is FULLY GDPR-compliant, ensuring the safety and protection of organizations and customers data. 

Learn more about Teneo’s latest features, here.