Artificial Solutions And Tetco-Voxpilot Announced A Successful Partnership

Tetco-Voxpilot, a software vendor of video-voice-data solutions, today announced its exclusive partnership with Artificial Solutions, an international service provider headquartered in Barcelona, for its Open Media Platform. The licensing contract allows Artificial Solutions to base its automated customer service on the Tetco-Voxpilot Open Media Platform (OMP) for voice and video solutions. The combination of the Tetco-Voxpilot high-performance and open standards OMP with Artificial Solutions´ interactive solutions brings the most cutting edge solution to the automated customer service market.

Based on their Voice-Video platform, the Tax ministry of Slovenia (DURS) provides to the citizens an automated voice application

Artificial Solutions implements the Customer Service Optimization (CSO) solution that allows their clients to offer better customer service at lower cost. CSO makes it possible to offer the best combination of digital and analogue service in the best service channel for each customer situation.

The service channels include chat, e-mail and phone and can be either fully automated, semi-automated or manual. Based on advanced natural language processing, Artificial Solutions is currently using Tetco-Voxpilot´s Open Media Platform under license for the development of their voice and video solutions. For example, an automated agent has been installed at the Tax ministry of Slovenia (DURS) in order to help Slovenian citizens in the different steps of their requests.

“With the speech recognition system, we are capable of decreasing the burden of tax-advisors by automated answering of the most simple and frequently questions asked.

During the period between 1. January 2008 and 27. September 2008, 6.766 calls were received and 14.046 questions were asked, where 3.017 driven dialogues were performed. The recognition success rate in this period was 63,7 %,” said Danilo Györköš at the Tax Ministry of Slovenia (DURS).

Tetco-Voxpilot is fully dedicated to the interactive video-voice-data convergence market with an aim to bring any message, anywhere, on any network at any time. Tetco-Voxpilot´s unified communications applications are based on a non-proprietary and network agnostic Open Media Platform (OMP) which ensures compatibility with legacy IT infrastructure and telecom networks for developing new communication solutions. The Open Media Platform is the first platform certified by the VoiceXML Forum. The OMP is VoiceXML and CCXML compliant. It supports voice recognition, TTS and has video media capabilities.

“Artificial Solutions is an important solution provider of advanced next generation automated speech recognition solutions. We are proud to license our Open Media Platform to Artificial Solutions in order to offer a wider range of unified communications tools to businesses”, said Laurence Lari, International Director at Tetco-Voxpilot. “In crisis periods, cost savings tools and new customer experience are a major priority for growing businesses.”

“We have identified Tetco-Voxpilot as a solid partner in our effort to develop advanced solutions that will allow our clients to offer better customer service at lower cost. Working closely with the Tetco-Voxpilot team allows us to bring voice and video based customer service to the next level,” said Johan Åhlund, CEO at Artificial Solutions.

“The speech recognition solution is the most specific and technologically most impressive communication channel between payables and the Slovenian Tax Authority. The link between the public telephone network and the speech recognition system is being managed by Tetco-Voxpilot´s IVR platform,” said Danilo Györköš at the Tax Ministry of Slovenia (DURS).

Andy, who lives with his family in the UK, is Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at Artificial Solutions. A regular speaker at industry conferences and events, Andy delivers insight on the rise of AI, the challenges businesses face and the future of intelligent conversational applications.

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