Insights on the CAI and voice industry in VUX World Podcast

Per Ottosson and Roger Dill at Vux World Live Podcast

Per Ottosson, the CEO of Artificial Solutions, joined Roger Dill, Product Owner at Swisscom to share their perceptions on the Conversational AI and voice industry in the latest VUX World Podcast with Kane Simms and Dustin Coates.

The podcast has been a great opportunity to hear their observations on the market opportunities and challenges and the approach Swisscom has taken to deploy their voice AI solutions. Particularly, the need to use platforms made for developers and that can deliver tailored solutions that meet the omnichannel requirements and strategies that go beyond the deployment of text-only chatbots.

In 2019, Artificial Solutions and Swisscom entered a partnership agreement that was followed by the launch of the Swisscom Box and its voice assistant powered by Teneo®. Nowadays, the voice assistant continues to enable customers to control various Swisscom TV functions including switching channels, searching for content or launching a Spotify playlist, as well as controlling smart home devices integrated via the Swisscom Home app, such as a networked light source.

This podcast on VUX World’s channel is a valuable way to learn about changing Conversational AI space and how developer-oriented platforms such as LUIS^Teneo can help enterprises who seek to build solutions with best-of-brand capabilities that can meet their objects quickly and efficiently.

Click here or in the video above to listen to the podcast.