AiAllies – Paloma Ramirez Diaz-Monis, Artificial Solutions

Palmoa Ramirez

For women without a background in tech and without so called ‘tech-y’ skills, entering the STEM industry may seem like a challenge. But nothing could be further from the truth as demonstrated by Paloma Ramirez, who has spent the last 14 years advancing as a HR specialist within the tech-sector. 

Her leadership position as Chief People Officer for Artificial Solutions, has allowed Paloma to enjoy, what she says, is the “best of both worlds.” 

“Being able to operate as a HR specialist in the tech sector is perfect for me as I have the opportunity to work and support people every day, while also being part of a rapidly developing company in a fast-paced environment.” 

“I haven’t always worked in the tech space, but I was attracted to the industry as it seemed to be such an exciting sector to be a part of and there also seemed to be a big opportunity in HR departments at tech companies.” 

For Paloma, HR departments can provide a clear route of entry into the technology industry, especially for women who may not have a technical background.  

“You can really ‘remake’ yourself if you want and there is a real opportunity to do that in our industry. The job market is also developing at a faster rate than ever, and I know that a lot of women regularly consider a job change or industry move, so these are the kind of people we want to inspire. There are so many opportunities to access training, to learn new skills, to find new opportunities. If you’re thinking about a change, I would recommend looking at tech closely.” 

The Challenges for Women in Tech 

There is some way to go before a 50/50 gender balance can be achieved industry wide, but one of the key problems is how competitive and highly valued women are in tech, meaning the recruitment and retention of women is a major challenge for Paloma and her team.  

“Things have changed over the past ten years as tech companies are more aware of the importance of gender diversity. Businesses can clearly see the benefits that diversity brings which means that women are now valued extremely highly. For employers, this is a challenge as women are now in higher demand than ever. But for women looking to get into tech, this can be a huge advantage as they can take their pick of multiple opportunities” 

“We’re committed to improving diversity at every level and that includes the way that we approach challenges and in the way that we think about our future. We want to make our team as strong as possible.” 

The shifting attitudes towards work-life balance and professional development have also put pressure on HR departments in tech. 

“Millennials are less willing to work for a single company for 5-10 years and women within this demographic are also looking at flexible working as a necessity, in order to spend more time with their children if they have them. Furthermore, recruiters are constantly sending messages to employees, making offers and tempting people away. That is why we put so much effort into providing the best environment for our team and the women who are part of our team.” 

Our Commitments and Actions Women can take 

Artificial Solutions has taken a major pledge to commit to equity, equality and diversity through its work with Gavriella Schuster, the Chairwoman of its Advisory Board.  

“It’s a major part of our company and we’re working hard to implement the BeCOME framework, which Gavriella is supporting us with. The goal is to create the best working environment we can while also helping to support women in tech. 

“We are putting more focus on our internship program, and we work hard to offer the best opportunities to young people who are looking to enter the tech industry. We also put a lot of effort into the language that we use when we publish job roles. We have found that the way that job descriptions are positioned and the language that we use has a big impact on how they are received by women.”  

For Paloma, the message to women is clear. Tech places a high value on women in the industry and the opportunities for personal and professional growth are significant.  

“Women have achieved great things in this industry and there are so many opportunities for women to achieve even more. We would love to talk to anybody interested in making a career in this sector and are always open to offer opportunities to people from any kind of background, so get in touch!”