5 Ways Teneo Ignites Your AI Strategy

Discover why conversation is the new art of business survival.

The secret to a good AI strategy is to focus on the larger picture, not just the single artefact that may be driving the initial project. By considering how you can maximise the use of intelligent conversational applications throughout the business, both externally and internally, enterprises can not only capitalise on their technology investment, but increase customer loyalty and grow revenues too.

1. Enable your AI journey

Natural Language Interaction is the foundation building block to an AI strategy, the intelligent interface between human and machine. Therefore it is vital that not only does a natural language platform understand and react accurately to your customers’ requests, but that it’s just as easy for your developers to use too.

Teneo is an end-to-end platform that delivers this requirement irrespective of use case, enabling you to provide persistent, personalized experiences, without highly skilled technical knowledge.

2. Redefine relationships with customers and partners

Unlock the value of unstructured conversational data with real-time analytics and use machine learning to deliver a personalized interaction between you and your customer that will surpass any other digital experience. Increasing the proximity you have with your customers will help to build loyalty and cultivate a trusted relationship.

Teneo enables you to be available to your customers and partners twenty-four hours a day, across any channel, in any language.

3. Unify multiple channels with a conversational UI

Interact with customers over the channels they choose, not the ones you force them to use. A conversational user interface will bring unity to your relationship, no matter whether your customers want to talk over their mobile, a bot or an IoT device.

Teneo gives you the ability to persist conversations across platforms and devices, so you deliver the same experience, even when someone switches mid-conversation from their connected car to their smart home hub.

4. Increase revenues with data

Stop sifting through the data dirt for a nugget of gold. Learn what your customer is saying now with real-time conversational analytics that do more than deliver actionable information to improve applications.

Teneo’s highly sophisticated analytics uses machine learning to take information gleaned from a user to push it back into the current conversation to close a sale, upsell a product or simply offer a better, more personalized choice.

5. Go Global

Speak your users’ language—fluently. Building the apps and services to ignite your AI strategy is just the beginning. To maximize the impact, they need to be deployed globally without massive amounts of recoding or re-engineering.

Teneo doesn’t just understand the sometimes colloquial way your customer speaks, it does so in 35 languages. In typical installations, 80% of the application already built can be reused in Teneo, leaving just the remaining to be adapted to local laws, customs and procedures.

Taking a Hybrid Approach to Conversational Commerce White Paper

Avoiding the “False Choice” Between Linguistic Models and Machine Learning. The backbone of Artificial Solutions’ Teneo platform is a linguistic-based algorithm with the key ability to embed and operate in tandem with machine learning algorithms.

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