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Teneo’s Conversational IDE integrates with MS LUIS, allowing you to maximize resources through rapid prototyping, fast implementation times, increased functionality and greater scalability.

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We’re collaborating with MS cognitive services to help companies develop scalable Azure-based bots faster, in multiple languages and with a wide array of open-source channels, front and back-end connectors.

A guide to scalable AI

Choosing the right platform is not easy and there are many hidden pitfalls to consider. This white paper will tell you what questions you really need to ask, and ten elements to consider.

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Hop on a quick tour of our development environment Teneo Studio. See how we integrate with MS LUIS to decrease development and deployment time.

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Chatbots are complex. They’re expensive, hard to build and take time to implement.

Combining Microsoft LUIS and Teneo makes it easy to build on top of current chatbot flows. Provide value to your customers quicker, and maintain the quality of your chatbots as you scale.

So — whether you iterating your product, or expanding across multiple channels, your chatbot has the flexibility to scale with your business.

Combine the power of Microsoft LUIS and Teneo for faster development cycles

A Microsoft AI Partner, Teneo integrates with Microsoft LUIS to quickly build flexible AI-powered chatbots.

Use pre-built connectors to add, personalize, and structure chatbot flows. Drag and drop dialogues, personalize fields, or re-use old chatbot flows tailored to your industry — all in one place.

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