AiAllies: A Network of Leaders Supporting Women in Tech

Artificial Solutions is proud to support women across the technology and STEM sectors through the AiAllies initiative, which promotes the stories and insights of industry-leading women.

Gavriella Schuster, Chairwoman, Advisory Board

Gavriella Schuster has over 25 years of experience in the industry and was a former Corporate Vice President for Microsoft before turning her attention to supporting women in tech.

Alice Boter, Conversational Designer, CGI

As a key member of the Conversational Design team at CGI. Alice explains how her focus on networking and learning provided her with a pathway into the tech industry at the age of 48.

Daniela Colombo, Senior Partner Technology Manager

Daniela Colombo studied mathematics and used her skills in the field to forge a long and successful career in the tech industry.

Maddalena Moleni, Head of Product

Maddalena Moleni has been part of the Artificial Solutions team for 17 years and has demonstrated an outstanding level of innovation while working with the organization.

Britta Guldmann, Conversational AI Specialist

With 15 years of experience in the Conversational AI sector and as one of the leading figures within Artificial Solutions team, Britta has a wide range and insights for women looking to enter the space.

Paloma Ramirez, Chief People Officer

For women unsure of how to join a company based in the technology sector, look no further than Paloma Ramirez, who´s specialty in HR provided a clear route of entry.

Kathy Turner, Global Partner Alliances Director

Over a 20-year career, Kathy Turner has established herself as a leading technology specialist. Her journey demonstrates a clear pathway into tech senior management.

Joanna Runesson, Business Developer

Joining Microsoft immediately after leaving university proved to be one of the best decisions Joanna Runesson ever made, having enjoyed a metronomic career rise in her early career.

Samantha Sosa, Fintech & Banking Legal Advisor, AIC

Samantha Sosa is a Fintech & Banking Legal Advisor and leading figure in the Haitian tech-sector who is a motivated advocate of women in the STEM field.

Become an AI ally

If you would like to share your story and resources for other women to access as part of the AiAllies initiative, get in touch with our team to learn how to get involved.