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Services for CSOWe have built a portfolio of services for Teneo to ensure efficient, cost-effective implementation and maximum return on investment throughout the life of the solution.

Implementation Methodology

Based on a decade of experience we have worked with clients to design our own tailored methodology for implementing and maintaining Teneo: we call it PRISM. Experienced Project Managers in our Professional Services team will work with you on the implementation and any on-going maintenance and evolution that you require once the Teneo solution has gone live.

PRISM is an easily defined 4-stage process

An agile, iterative program with the aim of efficiency and your needs at its core;

  1. Plan & Design: It all starts with planning and identifying the business objectives that you want to achieve. We will work alongside you in this scoping phase to identify your key goals and a high level implementation framework.
  2. Rounds of Chapter Build: Implementation is broken down into a sequence of chapters that individually define the progressive stages of the entire process. Each chapter is defined, built, tested and amended according to your feedback.
  3. Interface and Graphics: Your project’s graphics will be designed and delivered according to specification.
  4. Systems and Integration: Full systems integration and QA testing is undertaken to ensure optimal performance.
  5. Manage Deployment and Optimize: Go live and post-launch optimization phase, which is supported with intensive maintenance

We believe this approach offers:

  • Flexible and agile best practice for implementing Teneo technology.
  • Reduced uncertainty due to increased early exposure to deliverables.
  • Increased customer involvement and ownership.
  • Reduced need for heavy documentation (and hence cost).
  • Efficiency gains due to customer alignment and expertise.
  • Reduced time to benefit.
  • Reduced lead time.
  • Focused approach which reduces overall cost.
  • Transparency and visibility to our clients on the internal process.

Project Management Services

We firmly believe that sound project management is essential for our clients to derive all the competitive advantages that Teneo brings.

Having completed many hundreds of implementations, our Professional Services team is uniquely qualified to deploy NLI (Natural Language Interaction) solutions that deliver a fast return on investment. Our Project Managers use best practice to deliver outstanding results, applying the five Project Management Institute processes essential to every project – Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling and Closing.

Project management aligns Teneo functionality with customer needs, to enhance your customers’ experience of your organization and to boost sales. Our service manages all the phases of the implementation, as follows:

  • Planning to review the overall project strategy including the schedule, cost, risks and scope.
  • Definition of requirements to meet business goals.
  • Design, build, deployment and optimizations to generate the intelligence of the Teneo Interaction Engine.
  • Maintenance to ensure the knowledge base evolves to meet changing customer service needs.

Knowledge Management

Our Knowledge Management service is the way to ensure your Teneo solution is evolving and changing in accordance with the demands and expectations put upon it by both internal (company/management) and external (customers) stakeholders. The knowledge built for your NLI solution should be regularly assessed and updated to ensure that it remains current and addresses the needs of your evolving business.

Whilst Teneo Studio allows you to manage and evolve the knowledge yourselves, we can also provide a Knowledge Management service that ensures Teneo remains aligned with your needs.

How we keep clients evolving

Our engineers keep a constant eye on the effectiveness of your Teneo platforms. They use automated and manual techniques to analyze dialogs in order to identify when and where new issues are arising and apply NLI routines to answer them. They detect when to introduce new question types. They measure the performance of the solution in terms of positive user experience and report this back to you in useful and relevant metrics.

In short, our Knowledge Management services ensure your Teneo solution remains in peak condition throughout its life.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design services build high quality, rendered images (avatars), optionally animated to create a persona that is able to display all the emotions and movements that bring your virtual assistant to life. Choose from a gallery of avatars tailored to your requirements or build from scratch an avatar unique to your business using the latest in 3D design techniques.  With either option we will work with you to ensure the avatar personifies your brand look and values.

Gallery options

We have a gallery of standard avatars that we can customize to meet your needs. You may choose face shape, eye color, hairstyle and color, body shape, torso size and clothing, perhaps badged with your company logo. This physical identity can be overlaid with an emotional profile that enables the avatar to use facial expressions during conversations, such as smiling or frowning. The avatar can be seen as welcoming and engaging, mournful, questioning – perhaps even mildly confrontational – or they could simply appear composed or neutral. An avatar designed around these fundamental characteristics presents a differentiated image, but further animation can be added to make it even more realistic. Forms of lip synchronization, body animation and interaction with the background environment can all add to the personal impact of the avatar.

Bespoke personalities

For many organizations, a library-built avatar is perfect for their needs. But you may want an even more humanlike creation to represent you online, especially if your brand already features a popular, high profile animated character. Here, hand gestures, postures, facial expressions, eye contact and other body language come more into play. Facial models can be made more sophisticated and realistic through the movement of facial muscles and eyes, and lip synchronization. The combination of digital art and animation creates virtual people who are realistic and stunning. By building to these rich 3D design and animation standards, we can help you create the digital avatar which truly differentiates you in the market.


Software as a Service

Teneo enables you to have a continuous dialog with your customer base over the web 24×7. So it’s vital that our hosting system is robust and reliable enough to give you maximum availability. Our dedicated hosting service ensures the infrastructure security and application service integrity.


We use a highly secure, third party data center with CCTV, unique access cards, and logged server room access with software-level security to protect customer information. Full and incremental backups with both onsite and offsite storage ensure permanent security of information. Multiple servers and infrastructure equipment provide redundancy, load balancing and no single point of failure. Restrictive firewalls protect the applications from unauthorized traffic and operating systems are continuously updated. Disaster Recovery procedures and Business Continuity Plans are a key service feature and are under constant review.

Performance & Service Risk Handling

Application service performance characteristics including response times, Virtual Assistant responses and license usage are monitored to ensure consistency with the Service Level Agreement. Alerts which could pose a risk to service availability are escalated to hosting technical support and an Artificial Solutions service support expert. Incidents are classified according to severity and associated responses times. A resolution program collects information, replicates the problem, identifies a root cause, and provides a permanent fix or workaround. All interaction with you during the life of the incident is handled by the first-line support team. Escalation procedures exist through the support management team and account management to keep you fully informed of progress.


Training is vital to help your team understand how Teneo functionality can and should be applied to customer services, sales and mobile applications. The Artificial Solutions Education and Training department is developing training courses that will help users from different backgrounds and organizations making the most of the Teneo product suite. Details of the various courses, course dates and venues are presented below.


We deliver training at our own offices in Sweden, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Spain. However, if you are not located close to any of our offices, we can also deliver private training at your premises.

Find Out More

If you want to know more about the training program or sign up for a course please send an email to Click here to download a document with information about our training courses.

Training Courses


The purpose of this training is to get customers comfortable with the Teneo platform to a level where they can confidently manage the body of knowledge that the Virtual Assistant draws upon when she converses with her visitors. The course covers the full cycle of content creation, delivery and optimization. This is the basic course to book for anyone who will be actively involved in the building and maintenance of the Virtual Assistant.

This is very much a hands-on training. Concepts are presented and discussed, and then immediately put into practice in exercises of increasing complexity

Course Content

Topics covered in the course are:

  • Introducing Teneo Studio
  • Getting started with flows
  • Getting started with Language Objects and Language Libraries
  • Multi-step flows
  • Metadata
  • Publishing a solution
  • Getting started with Insight
  • Solution delivery
  • Knowledge Optimization
  • Troubleshooting


This course is aimed at anyone who wants to start managing the Knowledge Base that the Virtual Assistant uses when she converses with her visitors. The ideal candidate has a feeling for language and knows what kind of questions her website visitors might ask.

The first day of this course would be very suitable for project managers and other people who want to know about Teneo Studio, but who will not be actively working with it.

Prior Knowledge

No specific prior knowledge is required.


The course “Teneo Fundamentals” takes 2 days.

Course Description

This course is typically booked immediately after the Teneo Fundamentals training. It covers the more advanced aspects of the Teneo platform. The training is particularly suitable for the more technical delegates who just finished the Teneo Fundamentals training and want to know more.

Course Content

Topics covered in the course are:

  • Setting up a knowledge base
  • Building complex flows
    • Listener
    • Skip conditions
  • Using script nodes
  • Working with structured data: the answer table
  • Linking flows
  • Keeping the context
  • Pro-active flows


This course is aimed at anyone who will be building more complex flow into the knowledge base used by the virtual assistant. The ideal candidate has a logical and analytical mind. Having a bit of a technical background or some experience with programming would be helpful.

Prior Knowledge

Candidates for this course have completed the training “Teneo Fundamentals”.


The course “Teneo Advanced” takes 1 day.

Course Description

The partner training is aimed at partners who want to start working with the Teneo platform to be able implement it for their own customers. The initial three days of the training cover the full cycle of content creation, delivery and optimization. The fourth day is dedicated to partner specific topics, Teneo Insight and the Dynamic Interface.

This is very much a hands-on training. Concepts are presented and discussed, and then immediately put into practice in exercises of increasing complexity.

Course Content

Topics covered in this course are:

  • Introducing the Teneo platform
  • Getting started with flows
  • Getting started with Language Objects and Language Libraries
  • Complex flows
    • Adding memory: using listeners and variables
    • Conditional logic: skipping questions
  • Metadata
  • Preparing your solution for Teneo Insight
  • Workflow
  • Solution publication cycle
  • Working with Insight
  • Optimizing a solution
  • Masters and Branched Solutions
  • Localization of content in multi-language projects
  • Agile project implementation methodology
  • Dynamic Interface


This course is aimed at partners who want to start using the Teneo platform for their customers. The first day of this course would be very suitable for project managers and other people who want to know about Teneo Studio, but who will not be actively working with it.

Prior Knowledge

No specific knowledge required but some prior exposure to programming concept would be an advantage.


The course “Teneo for Partners” takes 4 days

Course Description

Sometimes the flows of your solution require functionality that is not available out of the box. The Teneo platform allows you to add your own functionality written in Groovy (or Java). You can do so in script nodes used by individual flows, in scripts that you add to the solution, and even in your own classes that are loaded automatically when the solution is loaded.

Course Content

Topics covered in this course are:

  • Groovy – an introduction to the language
  • Groovy in Teneo Studio
  • Scopes of scripts and variables
  • Using time in flows
  • Integrating a web service
  • Binding
  • Teneo Engine API
  • Advanced pro-active flows
  • Global scripts
  • Adding classes to the solution load script


The candidates for this course want to add programmatic functionality to the Teneo knowledge base used by the virtual assistant. They have some programming experience, preferably in an object oriented language.

Prior Knowledge

The candidates for this course have completed the Teneo Fundamentals and the Teneo Advanced course. Partner candidates who have completed the course “Teneo for Partners” are welcome as well.


The course “Working with Groovy in Teneo Studio” takes 2 days.

Course Description

Teneo Insight is the component of the Teneo platform that opens up the virtual assistant’s conversational log files for analysis. Insight will allow you to improve the knowledge base by analyzing what went wrong in the dialogues. In addition, it can give you valuable insights about the characteristics and conversational behavior of your website visitors.

On request, this training can be delivered on the client’s data set. It is available as a classroom training or as a web based session.

Course Content

Topics covered in this course are:

  • Why use Teneo Insight?
  • Insight concepts
  • How many dialogues?
  • Most popular topics
  • Analyzing a flow
  • Analyzing the Safety Net
  • Analyzing feedback
  • Advanced pro-active flows
  • How well do answersmatch user inputs?


Candidates may have different reasons to attend this course. Business users might want to know more about their website visitors and the conversations they have with the virtual assistant. Studio operators want to learn Insight because they want to improve the knowledge based used by the virtual assistant.

Prior Knowledge

This course can be delivered to users with no prior knowledge of the Teneo platform or to Studio operators who have completed the Teneo Fundamentals course. It is not a good idea to mix these different types of users into one group.


The course “Getting started with Teneo Insight” takes one day. It can also be delivered as 2 webinar sessions of about 4 hours each.


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