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Services for CCDWith over 10 years of experience in implementing, managing and evolving our Teneo technology for clients we have developed a series of services to ensure a smooth integration onto connected devices.  We appreciate that every client is different and therefore offer a range of service options that fall into three main categories:

  1. A fully managed service; Artificial Solutions takes complete control of the creation, deployment and ongoing management of your intelligent personal assistant.  We work closely with you at every stage to ensure the personal assistant meets every aspect of your requirements – from creating the right personality to meet your brand guidelines to ensuring she supports specific on-device features in your technology.
  2. You are in control; If you prefer, we can provide the Teneo technology, backed by the necessary training, support and mentoring, to allow you to take complete control of all elements of creation, deployment and on-going management.
  3. A hybrid; you select which services you require from us and keep the other elements in-house.

Whilst every project is different and we are happy to tailor our services to meet your specific requirements, our clients usually take one or more of the services detailed below:


Implementation Methodology

Based on a decade of experience we have worked with clients to design our own tailored methodology for implementing and maintaining Teneo: we call it PRISM. This PRISM methodology is applied to any implementation and across any connected device – phone, tablet, laptop, SatNav or games console. Experienced Project Managers in our Professional Services team will work with you on the implementation and any on-going maintenance and device or technology evolution that you require once the Teneo solution has gone live.

PRISM is an easily defined 4-stage process

An agile, iterative program with the aim of efficiency and your needs at its core;

  1. Plan & Initiate: It all starts with planning and identifying the business objectives that you want to achieve by incorporating an intelligent on-device personal assistant. We will work alongside you in this scoping phase to identify your key goals and a high level implementation framework.
  2. Rounds of Chapter Build: Implementation is broken down into a sequence of chapters that individually define the progressive stages of the entire process. Each chapter is defined, built, tested and amended according to your feedback.
  3. Integrated System Testing: Final integrated testing before your sign off.
  4. Deployment & Optimization & Map the Opportunity: Live on device deployment with continuous support and maintenance if required.

We believe this approach offers:

  • Flexible, agile and reactive best practice for implementing Teneo technology.
  • Reduced uncertainty due to increased early exposure to deliverables.
  • Increased customer involvement and ownership.
  • Reduced need for heavy documentation (and hence cost).
  • Efficiency gains due to customer alignment & expertise.
  • Reduced time to benefit.
  • Reduced lead time.
  • Focused approach which reduces overall cost.
  • Transparency and visibility to our clients on the internal process.

Project Management

We firmly believe that sound project management is essential for our clients to derive all the competitive advantages that Teneo brings to the connected device market.

Having completed many hundreds of implementations, our Professional Services team is uniquely qualified to deploy NLI (Natural Language Interaction) solutions that deliver intelligent on-device personal assistants. Our Project Managers use best practice to deliver outstanding results, applying the five Project Management Institute processes essential to every project – Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling and Closing.

Project management aligns Teneo functionality with customer needs, to enhance your customers’ user experience on your connected devices. Our service manages all the phases of the implementation, as follows:

  • Planning to review the overall project strategy including the schedule, cost, risks and scope
  • Definition of requirements to meet business goals
  • Design, build, deployment and optimizations to generate the intelligence of the Teneo Interaction Engine
  • Maintenance to ensure the knowledge base and personal assistant capabilities evolves to meet changing product requirements in accordance with industry and technical advancement.

Graphic Design

User Interface

Our graphic design services can be used to create a unique UI for your personal assistant.  As with all elements of the implementation we work closely with you to create and design an interface that is on-brand.

Alternatively, we fully recognize that the UI is one of the most important elements of your brand and we can work with your own UI designers to jointly create a solution that truly differentiates your solutions. UI options range from non-graphical pop up window to animated avatars – our specialists will provide advice and input to ensure the finished is completely in-line with your brand and user expectations.


Teneo enables your customers to have continuous interactions and dialogs with their connected device so it’s vital that the hosting system is robust and reliable enough to give you maximum availability. You have the choice of either taking responsibility of the hosting yourself or we can provide this service.

Our dedicated hosting service already provides robust hosting services to some of the largest NLI implementations globally and ensures it delivers the infrastructure security and application service integrity necessary for large scale natural language implementations.


Training is vital to help your team understand how Teneo functionality can and should be applied to customer services, sales and mobile applications. The Artificial Solutions Education and Training department is developing training courses that will help users from different backgrounds and organizations making the most of the Teneo product suite. Details of the various courses, course dates and venues are presented below.


We deliver training at our own offices in Sweden, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Spain. However, if you are not located close to any of our offices, we can also deliver private training at your premises.

Find Out More

If you want to know more about the training program or sign up for a course please send an email to

Training Courses

Teneo Studio: Fundamentals for Connected Device Customers


The purpose of this training is to get customers comfortable with Teneo Studio in order to confidently manage the knowledge-bank that the Virtual Assistant draws upon when conversing with device users. The course covers the full cycle of content creation, delivery and optimization with your company and device road-maps for product development at the heart of the agenda.

Using the Studio interface, delegates build their own solution from simple and basic questions and answers to more advanced topics such as multi-step flows and conditional logic.

Course Content

Topics covered in the course are:

  • Introducing Teneo Studio
  • Getting started with flows
  • Getting started with Language Objects and Language Libraries
  • Multi-step flows
  • Metadata
  • Publishing a solution
  • Getting started with Insight
  • Knowledge optimization
  • Troubleshooting

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to start managing the Knowledge Base that the on device assistant uses when she converses with her visitors. The ideal candidate has a feeling for language and knows what kind of questions her website visitors might ask.

The first day of this course would be very suitable for project managers and other people who want to know about Teneo Studio, but who will not be actively working with it.

Prior Knowledge

No specific prior knowledge is required.


The course “Teneo Fundamentals” takes 2 days.


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