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Teneo Virtual Assistant

Teneo Virtual AssistantArtificial Solutions builds the most human-like, intelligent and capable online Virtual Assistants available on any platform, in any language, anywhere.

A Teneo Virtual Assistant thinks and interacts just like a human. It is intelligent and dynamic. It thinks and acts fast and even has a personality! It will answer questions, resolve issues, help find information, process transactions, cross-sell complementary products and services and so much more.

Intuitive, helpful and expert, a Teneo Virtual Assistant can dynamically interpret, understand and respond to online customer requests for help or information. Instead of having to navigate to pages buried deep in complex website structures or searching endless FAQ lists, your customer can explain what they want in simple, natural language terms – just as they would in a shop or service center – and get an expert answer, every time.

Your customers will save time and effort, and you’ll save money by streamlining your customer service operation. Your customer service agents won’t be wasting time on routine transactions and can do more to deal with complex issues or high-value customers.

Whatever Your Contact Center Agents Can Do, A Teneo Virtual Assistant Can Do

So why is a Teneo Virtual Assistant uniquely placed to deliver online support to your customers?

  • A personal and productive customer experience. Every time.
  • Lower the cost per interaction.
  • Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty with instant responses.
  • Uphold your brand values.
  • Thousands of interactions expertly handled at the same time.
  • Humanlike, virtual customer service assistants, able to think, converse, get things done and support your customers, 24 hours a day.

Download the product sheet to find out more about Teneo Virtual Assistant by clicking here.


What Makes Teneo Virtual Assistant Different?

Teneo Virtual Assistants are Human-like

A Teneo Virtual Assistant interacts naturally with you – just like a real person.

It has a personality that reinforces the look, tone and style of your brand. Always friendly and professional, you might also want your own Virtual Assistant to be witty, funny, cool, warm…whatever personality you require can be built into your virtual assistant.

But there is much more to being human-like. For example, it understands free-format sentences – even with grammatical or spelling errors. You can interrupt it, move on and ask a different question, and then go back to where you were. It knows how to handle jargon and corporate vocabulary, as well as idiom and slang. It understands natural language – your customers can ask their questions in a conversational style without having to go through a series of yes/no queries or standardized prompts and questions. And it won’t repeat the same answer twice in a row.

It really is just like interacting with another human being. Only a lot more consistent!

Teneo Virtual Assistants Are Intelligent

A Teneo Virtual Assistant is intelligent. It implicitly understands general topics and real world concepts such as time and place. It knows how to use context to clarify ambiguity and that there are many different ways of phrasing the same question. It has a memory too, and knows where to look for more information. It can ask questions, as well as answer them, in order to deliver what your customer is looking for.

Teneo Virtual Assistants Are Capable

Capable Virtual Assistants can make things happen for, or on behalf of, your customers. They don’t just point to forums and FAQs, leaving customers to dig through a pile of similar questions in the hope of finding an answer. Instead they enrich the self-service experience by automatically updating back office systems, walking customers through problem-solving trees, setting up transactions such as requesting the dispatch of spares, booking a service call, and knowing when it is prudent or more effective to hand over to a live chat session. They can also fill in the gaps – “you’ve ordered this so you’ll need one of these as well.”

Teneo Virtual Assistants Are Scalable

Teneo Virtual Assistants handle millions of conversations for our clients every year. And our technology is highly scalable so no matter how large your implementation gets, Teneo can scale to handle millions of conversations. Crucially, by using memory-resident knowledge, we can also ensure that responses are delivered instantly – there’s no frustrating delay for your customer. What’s more, our Virtual Assistants can already speak 21 languages including Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Cyrillic languages …and we’re constantly adding new languages to the list.

Teneo Virtual Assistants Are Global

Artificial Solutions has successfully implemented more than 200 online customer interaction projects in the public and private sector in 30 countries and 21 languages. With a 10 year history, Artificial Solutions is a well established company with an international infrastructure of wholly owned offices and implementation partners delivering a proven solution based on delivering improved customer service, cost reduction and enhanced sales for its clients.
Teneo Virtual Assistant, Carry Me


  • Possesses human-like understanding. Teneo Virtual Assistants are able to interpret complex human dialogue, vocabulary and phraseology so that they can understand the detailed context of a query and respond with highly relevant, company-specific answers.
  • Capable of intelligent conversation. Teneo Virtual Assistants use the context of a query, the content of previous questions, external data and smart reasoning to intelligently and naturally interact with your customer, in just the same way you chat to your friends online.
  • Does more than just talk. The Teneo Virtual Assistant doesn’t just come back with words. It can get things done too such as dynamically retrieving data from your back-end systems or performing transactions for your customers.
  • Works virtually out of the box. The Teneo Virtual Assistant requires little technical integration with your system. It can be hosted on an Artificial Solutions secure server environment and delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or we can install it on-premise for you.
  • Fits naturally into your website. The Teneo Virtual Assistant can be designed to suit your brand and corporate identity, and implemented in a way that suits your website, for example as a pop-up window or overlay.
  • Escalates difficult questions to a real agent. Should the customer ask for something the Teneo Virtual Assistant cannot or should not deal with, the conversation can be seamlessly transferred to a human agent.
  • Builds customer intelligence. Our powerful insight tools give you the ability to continually analyze transcripts and statistics, building a detailed understanding of customer behavior and delivering information to help you constantly refine your Teneo Virtual Assistant.



The Virtual Assistant is an expression of your brand – he or she is your online ambassador, your business persona. So he or she needs to look and behave in a way that reflects your corporate identity and style.

Your Virtual Assistant is created with high-quality, animated graphics to build a Virtual Assistant that truly supports your brand. It may be that you are looking for a 3D, animated human image with realistic skin textures and tones, life-like body shapes and poses.

Or your company may have a cartoon image or mascot that you want to animate as your Virtual Assistant. Of course, everyone knows the avatar isn’t a real person, but with skill it’s possible to create a believable persona that your customers come to know and trust. Learn more about our Graphics service.

Text to Speech

With text-to-speech (TTS) our Virtual Assistants can talk back, answering questions in a human-like voice. The voice can be attuned to local accents and expressions, and even company-specific jargon, products and services. This is important to ensure your website remains accessible even for customers with sight or literacy problems or offers a natural way for your customers to interact with your virtual assistant. We work with leading speech providers such as Nuance and Loquendo to provide a speech component that sounds completely natural.

Automated Speech Recognition

We can use Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) to enable Teneo applications to recognize what someone is saying. Of course, given the huge variations in speech – such as tone, diction, syntax, idiom and dialect – let alone language itself – ASR systems do not always recognize every word.

However, if the ASR system is driven by a natural language engine, like Teneo, the accuracy for speech interaction with customers is greatly improved and your customers will find it much easier to converse with Teneo applications using speech.

Integrated Online Transactions

Teneo applications work seamlessly with your existing CRM, financial, order processing and other systems designed to speed up and streamline your service to customers. Teneo is smart enough to set up – and complete – whole transactions on behalf of customers within a single, online interaction.

Whatever your contact center agents can do, Teneo can do.

Incident Manager

When extreme events bring everyday services to a standstill, customers head for your website to look for the latest information. If they don’t find it, their next step is to phone or email, stressing networks and agents to the limit. With the Incident Manager, you can simply adapt your Teneo Virtual Assistant to provide people with vital, instant reassurance in emergency situations to explain what is happening and provide regular updates. And above all, these changes and additions can be made immediately.

Search Engine Integration

Your Teneo Virtual Assistant can be set up to gather extra information from your website’s search engine or even from the wider web to provide an additional source of response for your customers.

Feedback Management

Your Teneo Virtual Assistant can capture feedback naturally, during a normal conversation – by dropping in a simple question at the appropriate time. This is far less intrusive and more likely to get an answer than a pop-up window that the customer must close before moving on.

The Teneo Virtual Assistant may also ask your customer to rate the service, say, from one to five stars, to click if an answer did not answer the question, and to leave comments for later analysis by Teneo Insight.