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Teneo Toolkit

Teneo Toolkit

Teneo Toolkit is our dedicated suite of tools which includes everything you’ll need to build advanced Natural Language Intelligence (NLI) into your own application or technology, plus testing, deployment, training and support tools and services.  

Software which incorporates NLI offers a vastly enhanced and enriched experience, as the user can employ not only multi-modal input (speech, tap, text) as appropriate, but also use any words or phrases they like. They are not limited to strict commands or precise wordings to achieve a result.  For example, if the user was trying to open a program on their device, they could say “launch Skype”, “Open Evernote”, “Find my expenses tracker app” and much more, all of which is understood and acted upon as an instruction to open the specified program, unlike many existing speech-enabled apps and programs which will only react to a pre-defined list of commands.

NLI – the power behind Teneo’s native understanding of how humans really speak – is becoming a must-have capability for apps and other software programs which are designed to add tangible value to the user. Those programs which force the user down a particular path of verbal command and control or require exact button tapping sequences are being quickly overtaken by those which work how the user wants them to. Teneo Toolkit enables you to add NLI capability to your app or program quickly and easily, and leapfrog the competition.

If you are interested in adding NLI to your apps, please get in touch.

What you get with Teneo Toolkit

Teneo Toolkit offers everything you’ll need, in one package:

  • Teneo Interaction Engine. The most advanced NLI engine for powering intelligent, two-way conversations between humans and computers.
  • Teneo Studio. A graphical front-end application used to build and maintain sophisticated conversation dialogs and language objects using intuitive, logical flow chart structures. This includes:
  • API and Web services library. These will allow you to easily integrate multiple external information sources and online resources.
  • Pre-configured code samples. You can use them as is, right out of the box, or tweaked to suit specific business requirements.
  • Language libraries. A comprehensive, multi-lingual library of words, associations and contextual understandings which provide meaning, understanding and intelligence.
  • Teneo Insight. Our purpose-built analytics system which allows you to analyse user input, from the macro level right down to individual dialogs – providing unparalleled depth of insight for your development roadmap.

Add the power of NLI to your app and software programs with Teneo Toolkit.

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