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Teneo Social Media“Teneo Social Media helps organizations overcome the challenge of responding to vast numbers of social feeds in an intelligent, informed manner.”

There’s no doubt that as the social web continues to grow, more and more of your customers are turning to social platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, with their customer service issues. By listening and responding to these queries you can provide a level of customer service that drives passionate levels of customer loyalty.  But this is where the problems start; how do you scale up your customer service to handle this new challenge?

Teneo Social Media addresses this problem by using the power of Natural Language Interaction (NLI), to deliver intelligent, automated responses to your company’s social activities.

By searching through aggregated social media content for keywords, our NLI technology can understand the sentiment and context behind the comment and respond appropriately, for example providing a personalized reply, a link to a website or a telephone number.

Obviously no one wants to turn a drama into a crisis, so Teneo Social Media can be tailored to ensure only the right messages are sent out, with others being added to a review list for authorization.

Teneo Social Media works by identifying social feeds – such as Tweets – that match pre-defined search criteria.  These comments are analyzed using Teneo Interaction Engine to understand the query and identify the most appropriate response, which is then delivered to an appropriate social management tool for automated delivery or review.

Teneo Social Media can also be used to deliver your Teneo Virtual Assistant as part of your social strategy – for example embedded into your Facebook page, Twitter feed or other social media network from where they can interact with your customers, offering advice on your services or products and even taking your customers back to your website to purchase.

Teneo Social Media offers:

  • Automatic Response to Social Feeds.  Analyses, understands and responds to social feeds with informed, intelligent answers to your customers’ service queries.
  • Total Confidence.  By utilizing the award-winning power of our Teneo NLI technology, Teneo Social Media understands the sentiment and context behind a query comment and will either respond automatically or offer manual approval prior to posting.
  • Support for multiple social networks.  Teneo Social Media can be integrated with multiple social channels such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs to provide 24/7 customer service.
  • Intelligent Response.  As with all Teneo solutions, Teneo Social Media ensures responses are consistent, always ‘on-brand’ and reinforce the personality of your business
  • Business Intelligence.  Integration with Teneo Insight offers unprecedented levels of customer insight and intelligence on the real issues that are important to your customers.
  • Integrated social media strategy.  Use Teneo to deliver an integrated user experience on all social media channels

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