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Teneo Mobile

Teneo Mobile delivers intelligent, speech-enabled personal assistants optimized for mobile and consumer devices.

Part of the wider Teneo Platform, it supports multiple mobile operating systems, platforms and languages.  It can be closely integrated with on-device features and can interact with both installed apps and Cloud-based services. It understands spoken sentences – regardless of variations such as tone, diction, syntax, idiom and dialect – interpreting their meaning and context and then replies in an intelligent, informed manner.

In short, Teneo Mobile delivers a highly intuitive voice controlled experience to your customers as they interact with your mobile devices, consumer electronics or mobile apps, helping you differentiate your business and take advantage of the mobile enabled world.



  • Differentiate your offering: Teneo Mobile comes with built in integration with common mobile and connected consumer device features and the open API and extensive software developer toolkit allow Teneo Mobile to be more closely integrated with specific features on individual devices.
  • Extended functionality: Teneo Mobile has been optimized for mobile computing applications, and the same functionality can be extended for use in other electronic devices and ’smart-technology’ such as laptops, tablets, Smart-TVs and SatNavs.
  • On-brand persona.  Teneo Mobile allows you to deliver a persona and answer small-talk and brand related queries ensuring that your mobile personal assistant is always ‘on-brand’.
  • App connectivity: Teneo Mobile can link to external apps, accessing content and using it as part of a response to a query. So if you ask ‘what’s the weather forecast for tomorrow’ Teneo Mobile will ‘know’ what day tomorrow is and will access a relevant weather channel to find the answer. Likewise, ask Teneo Mobile to play your favorite song, it could access Spotify and start to play the song for you.
  • Animated avatar and inbuilt intelligence: Teneo Mobile offers complete flexibility. If an animated personal assistant displayed as an avatar meets a company’s brand guidelines, we can deliver. If one prefers the interface to be less visual this is; again no problem. At the end of the day, it is the natural language interaction engine that is the brain, delivering intelligence.
  • Multiple languages: Teneo Mobile currently supports 21 languages, including Mandarin and Russian, offering a global solution.
  • Improved customer service: Teneo Mobile offers an innovative and effective way to communicate with customers, providing 24/7 service in an automated yet approachable way.
  • Increased Business Value: By combining Teneo Mobile with Teneo Insight, you can gain unprecedented insight and understanding into what customers are thinking.

Virtual Assistant for the MobileTeneo Mobile offers a platform independent alternative to Apple’s Siri technology , giving you an edge over your competitors and helping you differentiate your offering. It’s cool! It’s innovative. It’s fun.

Teneo Mobile runs across a variety of mobile operating systems and can be closely integrated with the features and functionality on mobile and consumer devices such as calendar and address book. This allows Teneo Mobile to deliver powerful differentiation by tapping into many of the capabilities and features on your mobile and connected consumer devices, providing an intuitive and effective way for users to interact with your technology.  Additionally, Teneo Mobile can access content in external apps, automatically incorporating it in responses.

By combining automatic speech recognition (voice recognition) technology with sophisticated artificial intelligence embedded in the natural language interaction engine, Teneo Mobile is able to understand, interpret and respond in a humanlike manner. For example, just like a human, if Teneo Mobile doesn’t quite ‘hear’ a word correctly, it calls on its natural language intelligence to work out the context of the query and the probable best fit, allowing it to accurately understand and respond to queries.

Teneo Mobile integrates seamlessly with on-device applications such as calendar, email, text messaging, and phone. It can also integrate with external apps and online resources such as music streaming services, location-based services or local information (such as local weather forecasts) to deliver tailored, relevant information to your users.

Knowledge is quickly added and maintained using Teneo Studio – a powerful tool that allows non-technical users to build and maintain expert, intelligent Virtual Assistants, and reduces the dependence on the skills of specialist technical or linguistics consultants.

Quite simply, Teneo Mobile offers a powerful, speech enabled interface with in-built intelligence to help your customers get the most out of your mobile and consumer devices.

Teneo Virtual Assistant on the mobileTeneo Mobile offers an innovative way to reinforce your brand using mobile computing.

You can stay in touch with your customers, whenever and wherever is right for them. With Teneo Mobile you can have a speech enabled, intelligent virtual assistant as your brand ambassador permanently available on mobile devices.  And because your mobile and web-based virtual assistants share the same knowledge base, you are assured of consistency across different platforms.

Differentiate your Business

An intelligent mobile virtual assistant built using Teneo Mobile could for example help your customers and prospects navigate your website, find relevant information, answer customer service issues or help with sales queries as part of your mobile e-commerce solution.

Alternatively, you might wish to add natural language intelligence to one of your existing mobile apps. Think of the power of having an online brand ambassador with the intelligence to converse with your customers. It’s fun, cool and effective.

But this is only part of the story. By combining Teneo Mobile with Teneo Insight, you can gain unprecedented insight and understanding into what your customers are thinking. They may be asking for a variation to your products that you weren’t aware of. Or maybe there is an issue that you had not identified.

Teneo Mobile can help you harness the opportunity of mobile computing in an innovative, exciting new way that adds real value to your business.


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