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Teneo eMail Optimizer

Teneo Email Optimizer Teneo eMail Optimizer is an intelligent web contact form that analyzes and interprets the meaning of an email inquiry as the customer types it in, providing answers before they even click send or submit.

It looks like any other ordinary contact form that you see on the ‘Contact Us‘ pages of websites: a familiar format that your customer will be happy using. But working quietly behind the scenes is our powerful Teneo Natural Language Interaction (NLI) engine, interpreting the user input and advanced algorithms to generate a useful and helpful answer as soon as the question becomes clear – and, most importantly, before the ‘send’ button is clicked. Customers expecting a long wait before getting a response to their email will be amazed at how quickly their issues are resolved.


  • Surprise and delight your customers by resolving their queries immediately – no waiting for an email reply.
  • No need to switch channel – your customers’ queries are resolved on the website without them having to change to email or phone.
  • Save money – every inquiry answered automatically within the contact form is one less email that needs handling by a live agent.
  • Immediate results – delivers cost savings with the very first answer that is added
  • Integrates easily with your website and adapts to your branding.


If you want to learn more about Teneo eMail Optimizer, download the datasheet for the product by clicking here.


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