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Teneo Easy Reply

Teneo Easy ReplyTeneo Easy Reply is our solution to help you efficiently manage incoming emails and customer issues.

Even with Teneo eMail Optimizer, Virtual Assistants and other online tools, there will still be a continual flow of emails into your contact center that need to be tracked, managed and responded to. Teneo Easy Reply improves the performance of your call center and service agents by efficiently routing emails to specialists with the correct skill set to provide a rapid resolution to a customer query. This means a better experience for your customers and less email overhead for you.

Teneo Easy Reply analyzes incoming e-mails with the help of advanced, natural language-based technology. It categorizes the emails and suggests possible replies and attachments, and prepares the replies. Reply emails are sent automatically after an optional review by service agents. A well-defined workflow and SLA-alarms to warn your service agents when emails aren’t being dealt with quickly enough means that your customers get a much faster response from email than they are used to. Instead of waiting up to a couple of days, they’ll get answers within hours.


  • Develop consistent email responses to a range of frequently asked questions
  • Respond in hours or minutes, instead of days
  • Streamline and cut the costs of managing daily emails

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