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Teneo Chat

Teneo ChatTeneo Chat is our integrated live chat solution that makes it possible for your service agents to communicate with your website visitors in real time. Live chat is an increasingly popular tool for providing customer support and online service and is useful to encourage customers to make your website their first port of call where your customers can use Teneo Chat to provide an online chat conversation with one of your service agents.

Teneo Chat also saves you money; customers using it are typically saving between 20-30% on the cost of answering a customer interaction over the phone.

Because Teneo Chat is integrated with our other solutions, like Teneo Virtual Assistant, you can now combine both virtual and live chat conversations to encourage customers to start their inquiry with the Virtual Assistant, which will defer to agent chat according go the rules you specify, for example if it can’t solve the customer’s problem or the customer asks to speak to someone. This means you can handle more automated interactions, while reducing the burden of incoming calls and emails on your support center.

The Virtual Assistant can answer questions, help find information on the website, promote products and services and even set up a sales dialogue to qualify customers and generate prospects and leads. If the assistant can’t provide a conclusive solution, the conversation will be automatically transferred to a live customer service agent. The assistant will choose the next free agent best qualified to deal with the inquiry and pass on any stock answers and relevant web addresses.

Teneo Chat uses industry-standard best practice, such as strong encryption to keep interactions secure over the internet.  It enables you to:

  • Save time and money
  • Improve customer satisfaction – typically over 90% customer approval rates
  • Get more from your agents
  • Reach more customers, faster

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