Companies Lose Out To Competitors Because Of Online Inadequacies

Over complicated call management systems, emails that take an age to get a response and a desire for immediate information is driving consumers online to find the answer to their queries - and to a competitor's website if they can't. These are some of the findings of an independent survey carried out on behalf of Artificial Solutions.

Artificial Solutions Recruits From The 23rd Century

Powered by Artificial Solution's award-winning Teneo Interaction Engine, Sol engages website visitors in humanlike, intelligent conversations covering a wide range of subjects from helping them find out more about Artificial Solutions and sending messages to employees, to booking a flight to Mars.

Luna At BuyVIP Launched

BuyVIP is a private on-line club for users, selling very different kind of items with discounts between 30% and 70% on official prices. Luna's job at BuyVIP will be to answer general questions and in addition to that she has some very interesting and powerful features as she recognizes the user´s name when logged in and therefore she can say hello using the user´s name and knows all the information linked to the user: last orders, active bonus, etc.

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