Artificial Solutions Delivers Intelligent Virtual Assistant to Online Bank Widiba

Widiba chose Artificial Solutions’ Teneo platform for its completeness and flexibility. Using its specialist NLI banking domain app already built on the Teneo platform, Artificial Solutions was able to quickly build the intelligent virtual assistant, Widdy, who is able to learn and improve over time with the help of the team at Widiba.


10 Ways to Make Your Online Virtual Assistant Work Harder

Online Virtual assistants have been used in customer service for a number of years helping answering customers’ queries online, deflecting calls to the contact center and even helping out the contact center staff themselves. They might work tirelessly 24/7, but should they be doing more? After all no one likes a slacker at work.


Artificial Solutions Delivers Intelligent Virtual Assistant to Deutsche Post

The E-Post Virtual Assistant not only interprets and answers questions, but also distinguishes between business and private customers, navigates the user through the E-Post website or guides them through queries and selection possibilities to the requested information. Jana is able to independently select the answers from Deutsche Post’s knowledge base, allowing the user to receive competent answers and prompt solutions anytime of the day.


Artificial Solutions to Power New Virtual Assistant for Kabel Deutschland

Artificial Solutions announced today that Kabel Deutschland has used the Teneo platform to build and maintain its new online virtual assistant, Julia. Developed using the resources of just three content managers, Julia not only helps customers, but provides vital, insightful data back to Kabel Deutschland.

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