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Artificial Solutions regularly presents at conferences and trade shows discussing a range of topics from the future of natural language to the intricacies of sentiment analysis. Below you’ll find a list of some of the events we’ve participated in or are planning to over the next year. Contact your regional office to find out more about events near you.

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AI Europe
London, UK

AI Europe is a premier European exhibition that focuses on educating attendees about the value of AI for their business strategy, introduce them to future partners and give them the keys to integrating AI to their businesses. Andy Peart, CMO will be presenting “How to Build AI-Based Contextual Conversational Understanding in a Nutshell”, a look at some of the problems in developing conversational applications including a lack of training data, scarce developer resources and the complexities of multi-lingual applications and delivers a demonstration of how contextual conversational understanding can be easily built into AI applications. AI Europe takes place in London, on the 5th and 6th of December 2016.

AI Summit NY
New York, NY USA

The AI Summit is the world’s largest conference and exhibition to look at the practical implications of AI for enterprise organizations. Taking place in New York, 1 December 2016, the gathers 350+business CxOs, AI innovators, and acclaimed researchers. Lawrence Flynn, CEO, will be giving a keynote speech about the importance of data to the development of artificially intelligent applications and its importance in surviving the digital economy.

AI for Financial Services
London, UK

Artificial Solutions’ CMO Andy Peart, will be joining the panel “What does a business leader need to know when choosing a partner for AI?” as a presenter. During this panel, a number of topics will be discussed including: the best process for sourcing a solution when deciding to implement AI in a financial services organization, the role of the traditional established vendor-partner in starting an AI initiative, how can solution providers help inform and detangle the market, and why should an enterprise opt for working with a start-up for their AI project. AI for Financial Services takes place in London on the 16th of November, 2016.

The Future of Services with OEE Consulting
London, UK

Peter Roost, COO, Artificial Solutions, will be presenting a Keynote about how innovative business are “Surviving the AI Onslaught”. The presentation will cover 3 Critical Questions: How will you provide customer service through a proliferation of channels? How will you understand your customers’ behavior and intent? How will you future-proof your business against the onslaught of technology? The event takes place in London, UK on the 10th of November, 2016.

AI World Conference & Expo
San Francisco, CA – USA

In his presentation “If Trees Could Walk”, Artificial Solutions’ CEO Lawrence Flynn, talks about how the lack of ability of large scale enterprises to adapt and exploit remains their biggest weakness, and how this has allowed tech startups to disrupt whole economies. During the seminar “Intelligent Assistants & Bots”, CMO Andy Peart will provide insight and analysis on how you can determine which applications are best used for Bots, and which are the best tools, technologies and services to use for your particular implementation. VP of North America, Dave Parsin will be joining the panel “AI in Industry” to discuss a variety of innovative AI and machine learning apps being used in various industries, the technologies and platforms used, and also what approach these companies are using to deploy an enterprise implementation process. AI World takes place in San Francisco on the 7-9th of November, 2016.

GMSA Mobility Live
Atlanta, GA – USA

Darren Ford, VP Professional Services US, Artificial Solutions, will be joining the panel about “Connected Home” to take place on Wednesday, 2 November from 11:00 to 11:45. This is an exciting time for the Connected Home, as it moves from a conceptual to a tangible phase as the IoT market continues to gain momentum and connected consumer devices become increasingly mainstream. PwC predicts that the Connected Home market could be worth almost US$150 billion globally by 2020, broken down across three key markets: smart meters, remote home controls and remote home security. Remote home security is the largest of these segments, accounting for almost 50% of the predicted $150 billion market. GSMA Mobility Live takes place in Atlanta, GA on the 1-2 of November, 2016.

Smart Mobility Forum
Milan, Italy

Morgana Caldarini, Sales Manager Italy, Artificial Solutions, will be participating in the panel about “Emerging Products & Services” to take place on October 18th 14:00 to 17:15. Automotive technology is converging with a wide variety of complementary technologies – vision, touch, speech recognition, communications and advanced mechanics. The session analyzes the perspectives for the most innovative services such as UBIs, car sharing, predictive parking. Among the key subjects: strategy and analytics framework capable of fully capitalizing on the opportunity created by the connected vehicles generated Big Data, while compelling privacy issues. Connected Automobiles: Smart Mobility Forum takes place in Milan, Italy on the 18th of October, 2016.

AI Summit
San Francisco, CA – USA

In his presentation “Surviving the AI Onslaught”, Artificial Solutions’ CEO Lawrence Flynn, talks about how the tech goliaths are threatening to dominate the AI space and leaving companies with two choices: fund their own demise by cozying up to the giants or make the change now to digitally transform their business and hold onto their crucial customer data. During the workshop “333 Ways to tell a joke”, CMO Andy Peart looks at some of the problems in developing conversational applications including a lack of training data, scarce developer resources and the complexities of multi-lingual applications, and considers how organisations can overcome these to build conversational understanding into their AI application as in an intelligent way. AI Summit takes place in San Francisco on the 28-29 of September, 2016.

Forum Banca
Milan, Italy

Morgana Caldarini, Country Manager Italy for Artificial Solutions, will present “Natural Language Interaction: a practical and effective opportunity to innovate the User Experience” during Forum Banca, an event focused on finding innovative solutions and products that can help the Financial industry thrive while creating a unique networking opportunities to attendees. The event will take place in Milan on the 28th of September, 2016.

Intelligent Assistants Conference
San Francisco, CA – USA

Lawrence Flynn, Artificial Solutions’ CEO, will open the Intelligent Assistant Conference by giving his view as to why enterprises are falling behind in the new era of bots, intelligent assistants and conversational commerce. In the panel debate “Who’s Your Metabot?”, which looks at how third-party ecosystems are unhooking the direct link between brands and their customers, Dave Parsin, VP North America at Artificial Solutions will consider what is at risk for the enterprise. In addition, Godfrey Powell of Samsung will present on how Artificial Solutions’ NLI technology is helping to deliver the intelligent experience for Samsung.The Intelligent Assistants Conference will take place in San Francisco on the 12-13 of September, 2016.

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LT Innovate
Brussels, Belgium

In his presentation “Data mining conversations – hot air or a scoop for business?”, Knowledge Engineer, Gard Jenset talks about how current data mining technology does little more than deliver a flat view of conversational text, not the sentiment and context behind it, and discusses how Artificial Solutions has met this challenge and built a scalable tool that adds immediate value to enterprises by finding the hidden nuggets of gold within conversations. LT Innovate takes place in Brussels on the 17-18 of May, 2016.

Intelligent Assistants Conference
London, UK

Mark Raynes of Shell Oil will discuss how Artificial Solutions helped “Shell to Change the Face of Distributor Engagement” at the Intelligent Assistants Conferences in London on the 26-27 April 2016. Focusing on capabilities such as memory and personalization, this presentation also considers the key requirements for taking a digital employee global.

Mobile Voice Conference
San Jose, CA USA

R&D Engineer, Sonja Petrović Lundberg takes the audience behind the scenes of real-life natural language interaction applications. In “The Lifecycle of a Natural Language Interface” she explores the content management systems of the future and how they will make it possible for big and small enterprises as well as individuals to disseminate information, provide services and interact with their target groups using natural language.

Mobile Voice Conference
San Jose, CA USA

Andy Peart, CMO, looks at the reasons behind “Why we don’t talk anymore” and discusses how natural language delivers the intimacy to bring customers closer. With examples of enterprises that use NLI to deliver a better customer experience and grow revenues, the presentation provides insight on the pitfalls that need to be overcome and the need for holistic technology to capitalize on the opportunities. MVC takes place in San Jose on the 11-12 April 2016.

Women in Tech
Stockholm, Sweden

Artificial Solutions’ Chief Researcher, Rebecca Jonsson will be discussing how Language Technology is changing the world we live in today. With examples of how we already embrace it every day, she will explore how the market is developing and the trends for the future. “Behind the Scenes: Technologies that Will Change the World” is part of the Women in Tech conference in Stockholm on the 8 March 2016. Watch video of the presentation.

International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence (ICAART)
Rome, Italy

Fred Roberts will be participating in panel under the title “Is gender a salient issue in the development of intelligent agents and does AI need a sex?” inspired by the full robot Turing test conducted in the 2014 movie, Ex Machina1, between a male human and an artificial intelligence that is “housed in a beautiful female robot”. The panel seeks to determine whether there are instances when gender-in-AI could be appropriate.

European Online Retail Forum
Barcelona, Spain

Stephen Fletcher will be heading up a roundtable discussing balancing human and automated interaction in the customer experience and Ben Holmes will be holding a workshop, advising how retailers can deliver greater engagement with natural language analytics.

San Jose, USA

R&D Engineers Eric Aili and Sonja Petrovic Lundberg will present “She said, it said“ at SmartData in San Jose on 18-20 August 2015. More information coming soon.

Sentiment Analysis Symposium
New York, USA

Fred Roberts, R&D Engineer, will present “Exploiting Sentiment Analysis in Virtual Assistants“ at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium in New York on the 15-16 July 2015. He will be discussing how sentiment combined with other factors such as user profiling can impact on a digital employee’s effectiveness and create a more satisfying user experience. Read the press release here: Artificial Solutions to discuss sentiment and the Digital Employee at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium. Watch video of the presentation.

Riga, Latvia

Dr Rebecca Jonsson, Chief Researcher presents the keynote at the META-Forum in Riga on the 27th April 2015, addressing the challenges and vision for the interactive multilingual digital single market. Read the press release by clicking here: Artificial Solutions to present at META-Forum.

Update: Listen to Dr Rebecca Jonsson, Chief Researcher, give the keynote at the Riga Summit in April this year. Challenges, Solutions and Visions for the Interactive Multilingual Digital Single Market. Watch the presentation by clicking here!

Mobile Voice Conference
San Jose, USA

Andy Peart, CMO, discusses the risks behind implementing natural language applications at Mobile Voice Conference in San Jose on the 20-21 April 2015. Risky Business – why implementing natural language into the enterprise is a double-edged sword, looks at the hidden dangers that can catch enterprises unaware when developing their own natural language applications. Read the press release by clicking here: Artificial Solutions to present at Mobile Voice Conference.

Digital Customer Experience
New York, USA

Peter Roost, COO was part of a panel discussion at Digital Customer Experience, run by Mphasis that explores real-life solutions developed to address future challenges in delivering a comprehensive customer experience in a digital world. The event took place on the 26th March 2015.

Brussels, Belgium

Chief Researcher, Rebecca Jonsson PhD, delivers the keynote speech at the CITIA (Conversational Interaction Technology Innovation Alliance) conference in Brussels on 24 February 2015. In her presentation, Dr Jonsson explores the future of conversational interaction technologies and the challenges that need to be overcome. Read the press release by clicking here: Artificial Solutions’ Rebecca Jonsson to Deliver Keynote at CITIA Conference.

LT- Accelerate
Brussels, Belgium

Andy Peart, CMO explains how real-time intelligent understanding of natural language conversations will be essential for organisations in the next five years at LT-Accelerate on the 4th December 2014. Part of the panel discussion Speech Analytics – Information, Emotion, and Response, Andy looks at how NLI will implicitly personalize the customer’s experience without them having to do anything, interpret historic data in real time to assess its relevance to the current interaction and ultimately adjust the response to the customer accordingly. Read the press release by clicking here: Artificial Solutions to Speak at LT-Accelerate on Natural Language Analytics.



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