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Will AI alter the future of the poorest child?

The Fabric Of The Internet Is About To Change, or so says Dominic Santo, and he might just have a point. Sancto believes that not only will natural language enable the fourth industrial revolution, it will ultimately take the poorest, uneducated child in the world and change their prospects, forever. It’s a convincing vision. You […]

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Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language… So What?

This week, Artificial Solutions attended an innovation event organized in Barcelona by Co-Society that was around Artificial Intelligence. Our Head of Field Marketing EMEA, Josep Tarbal, reviewed it on LinkedIn: “It was a great opportunity to learn more about all the buzzwords that appear constantly in the media. But, the best part was being able to […]

Making AI Work For Your Business

Making AI Work For Your Business

A recent edition of The Times newspaper (London edition) carried a Special Report on “Making AI Work For Your Business”. Included in the report is an interview with Artificial Solutions’ CEO, Lawrence Flynn, which looked at how artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a business-critical factor for businesses, strengthening customer relationships and realising revenue opportunities. The […]

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Seamlessly Connecting the IoT

Back in February 2014 we launched the Teneo Network of Knowledge, an intelligent framework for speech enabled apps that would enable users to interact with an ecosystem of private, shared and public devices and services based on personalization. We realize now that we were a little ahead of our time. Most people had only just […]

Why Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking Both Missed the Boat

Cortana. Siri. Google Now. Indigo. They're today's most popular manifestations of artificial intelligence. They're all available to us, the masses of humanity who use iPhones, Windows phones, Android phones, tablets and yes, even desktop PC's.

Intelligent Personal Assistants will be the Most Disruptive in the History of IT

In its trends for 2014, Gartner identifies the strategic technology that it believes will impact the most on enterprises over the next three years. Amongst the introduction of the Internet of Everything, they predict that mobile apps will grow at the expense of applications. But perhaps most telling is that Gartner says that the smart machine era, in which it includes contextually aware, intelligent personal assistants and smart advisors, “will be the most disruptive in the history of IT”.

Understanding Requires Intelligence

A new survey from Intelligent Voice says that 46% of people think that Apple oversold Siri’s voice capabilities. Forgetting for the moment that this actually only represents the views of 69 Americans, a minutely tiny number compared to the estimated 250 million downloads – and hence users of Siri – that already have iOS 7, […]

The Hidden Power of Conversational Search

Wearable tech is bringing conversational search into the spotlight, but how does it differ from normal search and why is it important to all organisations, not just the major search engines.

Automation Revolutionizes Development

One of the major limitations for some organizations in implementing natural language projects has been the extensive specialist technical expertise required, not just an army of developers, but ones that were computational linguists too.

Big Data Analytics

At Artificial Solution’s we use Teneo’s powerful NLI text-mining capabilities to unlock the knowledge from these vast numbers of natural language, unstructured conversations to deliver previously un-heard of levels of big-data analysis.

It got me thinking this week….

Thinking about what until very recently I took completely for granted and also the thinking about how technology could step in to help if it comes to the crunch.

The Rise of the Machines

It’s easy to forget that a decade ago, analysts used to wonder if mobile phone penetration rates could ever approach 100 percent. How times change. In mobile-mad Finland, the penetration rate is now 182% while the rest of Europe averages 132%.   What those cautious forecasters of a decade ago failed to predict was the […]

The next billion users

Today, I finally threw out my ancient Motorola MPx200 mobile phone which had lain forgotten in the bottom of a drawer for many years. To my son and anyone else from the Whatsapp generation, this 2003-vintage “smartphone” looks like a relic from the dinosaur era. Apart from its quaint clamshell format and tiny screen, the […]

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