Blinking clock

My video cassette recorder finally stopped working last week. Even if I wanted to replace it, I’d have trouble doing so as Panasonic, one of the last remaining manufacturers, stopped VCR production earlier this year. Few consumers will mourn the passing of the VCR. Apart from their infuriating habit of chewing tapes, VCRs were notoriously […]

Voices in the fast lane

Don’t you wish your car was as intuitive to use as a smartphone? During the past decade, automotive manufacturers have added more and more electronics to take the hard work out of driving a car. But the proliferation of buttons, screens and lights, while reducing the physical effort required to drive a car, has also […]

NLI holds the key to customer engagement

Building a closer relationship with individual customers is now a key objective for many organizations. However, those customers are already one step ahead. A decade of overexposure to increasingly aggressive marketing tactics has made them understand the power they wield over businesses that want their data and wary of trusting brands. Instead of engaging directly […]

The rise of the Chief Customer Officer

As businesses witness a growing importance of customer relationships in maintaining their competitive advantage, there is one particular role that is emerging as a strategic player – the Chief Customer Officer (CCO). Up till now the CCO has been a rather neglected part of the C-suite, but that is all about to change. It was […]

Customer Service gone wrong

I have recently been reading Uncommon Service: How to Win by Putting Customers at the Core of Your Business. It is not the first book to talk about how customer service can be used to gain competitive advantage. But the contrasts between the best practices recommended in the book and my recent dealings with one […]

Companies Lose Out To Competitors Because Of Online Inadequacies

Over complicated call management systems, emails that take an age to get a response and a desire for immediate information is driving consumers online to find the answer to their queries - and to a competitor's website if they can't. These are some of the findings of an independent survey carried out on behalf of Artificial Solutions.

Five Tips for good Customer Service!

Almost anyone we know has a story they can tell about how they have been badly treated by the Customer Service department of a company. We have all gone through that at one point in our lives but why does it have to be like that? Why do we have to feel awkward every time we need to reach a customer […]

Canal Digital Norway Signs A Three Years CSO Contract

Canal Digital Norway has signed a three years CSO contract with Artificial Solutions. Canal Digital is the largest TV distributor in Norway and offers both Cable and Satellite services. We are delighted to start working with Canal Digital and have set a clear and common goal for our cooperation.

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