Happy Easter – happy customer service!

It’s Easter and a time of the year when the many online Virtual Assistants (VAs) are going to have a lot of work to do. As businesses and shops close for a few days, these loyal assistants don’t even take a coffee break, but are there to help with any enquiry that customers might have […]


Knowledge is power – an inside story

Knowledge is power, or so the old adage says – and it’s true.  Here at The Co-operative Bank, we use a Virtual Adviser (VA) to give our staff the knowledge they need, and to empower them to give our customers the service they deserve.  But in order to make our VA work effectively, there are […]


No more roundabouts

There are different types of drivers, and though many of us would like to be considered the Jenson Button of the Great British roads the reality is often quite different. We have the instant beepers, the ambiguous lane choosers, the pedal pushers, the bass boomers, the cigarette butt flickers, the brake slammers, the nervy learners, […]


FAQs vs. Intelligent Virtual Assistants

It’s undisputed that a simple FAQ page and a virtual assistant solution have the same basic aim; providing answers to online visitor queries.  But, whilst this aim is the same the way they work, the satisfaction they provide and the ease of use couldn’t be more different. To fulfill your website’s true potential you need […]


Consuming trends

Consumers are increasingly turning to connected devices to perform tasks they once would have done on a PC. Connected devices, including smartphones, tablets, consumer electronics and so-called machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity, are driving innovation in the industry and capturing the public’s imagination. If you need confirmation, just visit any electronics store. The area dedicated to PCs […]

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