Artificial Solutions Appoints Andy Peart As Chief Marketing Officer

Artificial Solutions, the natural language interaction and Customer Service Optimization specialist, today announced that Andy Peart has joined the company as its Chief Marketing Officer. Peart adds strength to the executive management team and will build on the increasing interest in using intelligent virtual assistants to help companies interact with their customers.

His arrival follows the recent appointment of IT veteran, Lawrence Flynn, as CEO who is spearheading the next stage of growth for Artificial Solutions. Peart brings over 20 years experience in IT marketing to the company, having held executive management roles with global software organizations including Alterian, Mediasurface, Magic Software Enterprises and Kalamazoo.

“Intelligent virtual assistants – computer generated avatars that can hold an intelligent conversation, interpreting your requests, responding with meaningful replies and performing tasks for the user – have many applications within IT. Artificial Solutions already has ten years experience in this field, and has delivered over 200 online customer service and marketing focused virtual assistants and ‘chatterbots’ to some of Europe’s most successful brands. Elbot, probably the most advanced chatterbot developed anywhere to date, is a perfect example of how our technology can be applied. The opportunity to take such an exciting solution to new audiences is a marketer’s dream and a genuine business opportunity,” comments Peart.

Artificial Solutions counts amongst its customers IKEA, BBVA, Scandinavian Airlines, Credit Suisse and Yello Strom. Its Natural Interaction engine uses natural language processing and the principals of artificial intelligence to interpret free format customer conversations across multiple channels such as the web, mobile (smart phone), email, social networks and live-chat. By understanding the conversation, virtual assistants developed using Artificial Solutions’ software can provide intelligent, human-like responses to a customers’ service or business queries. Web and mobile customer service is a rapidly growing market as it allows organizations to answer queries from their customers in a professional, cost effective way without having to build expensive call centres. Additionally, customers prefer to find their own answers to queries and web or mobile based self service driven by intelligent virtual assistants enables this to happen.

Artificial Solutions’ Customer Service Optimization suite is built on its natural interaction engine to reduce the number of inbound queries that are passed to live agents. Reductions of 25% or more are common. The technology also helps build a positive customer experience by providing immediate resolution to queries, whilst the ability to hold ‘intelligent’ conversations and build a personality for the virtual assistant reinforces the client’s brand values.

‘We’re really pleased to have Andy on board; he brings a new depth of experience to our marketing and will help us accelerate the growth of our business,’ says Lawrence Flynn, CEO of Artificial Solutions.

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